52 Words.
2 Perspectives.

A photography project by Danielle MacInnes & Pete Nowicki

The Project

RULES: Each week for one year, a word is selected at random for the artists to shoot. No collaboration is allowed.
To see the what happens, click on any week or just click any picture to view.

The Photographers

Two by Fifty-Two began in August 2014 and will conclude after precisely 52 weeks. Project contributors are profiled below.
  • Pete Nowicki

    Pete is a co-founder of Flylight Media. Don't ask him how his day was because he's WAY too busy to answer. He also enjoys pineapple and making up dance routines.
  • Danielle MacInnes

    Danielle is the owner of Danielle MacInnes Photography and loves shooting people in the face on a regular basis (much to the dismay of her family). She also spends way too much time fighting her archnemesis OTIS, a yellow lab with a penchant for eating mail.

Talk to Us.

Now that the project is done, we want to hear from you! Please submit a question about what working on this project was like and we will answer it in an upcoming blog post. Every entry will be entered into a drawing to win our new 2x52 coffee table book coming in December 2015!
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